About Me

Welcome to The Karakorum Girl – empowerment and inspiration for the mountaineers and travelers.

Hi, I’m Samiya

I have been traveling on this earth since my birth, born and raised in Saudi Arabia. A mountain girl & an entrepreneur by profession.


Every place has been personally experiences by me, also you can write about your experience and I will share it on my guest columnists. If you want to feature your companies contact me. Most of the companies recommended here since they are beneficial and help me in my day-to-day travels. My blog is about demonstrating what it’s really like in the mountains and I want you to climb and travel more, leave your comfort zones, and experience this amazing world before you die!

My Early Life

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, inspired by my Father. First thing first “Yes I love my father so much” he is the person who actually given me the great exposure during my childhood. Whereas, I compare few parents let their kids do things themselves, but my parents has taught me “how to be a self-sufficient person?” I experienced mountains, forests, deserted areas during my childhood along with my father. He taught me about the possibilities of the world, since then I was hooked on travel and after my graduation I actually started trekking as a passion, wanted to travel, wanted to learn more about people and culture, and wanted to know how it feels up high in the beautiful mountains. Yes it all started with love that continues to this day. So here I am!

My desire is to encourage everyone who loves to outdoor activities climbing, trekking, running and realize their dream. I am promoting extreme sport having unique approach empowering and inspiring those who are looking up for the right direction.

Thanks for visiting this blog and I look forward to respond you!


Samiya Mirza

Email: info@thekarakorumgirl.com