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Making The Decision To Have A Baby is Momentous…

Getting company inside one’s skin….

Well.. This is my first blog about my pregnancy where I want to help, motivate and inspire women who may feel like reaching for junk food rather than doing something active, either due to the fear of doing too much or may be their crazy hormones are telling them that the cheese cake is the better option…

My first Trimester

The first trimester went really well, I used to have a lot of morning sickness, laziness, but what one keeps energetic throughout the day is exercise, which helped me ease the symptoms. If you’re avoiding being active and you don’t feel like doing home chores or a project at office you need to push yourself to work sometimes. In the first trimester I have a lot of craving for particular food I started eating junk which was not healthy, but it was not more than 3 weeks I had it. I realized and again came on my healthy diet which is not classified as obese.

My second Trimester

The second trimester was the longest, hardest and darkest weeks of my life, even its hard to write about without feeling emotional. I used to have severe depression, and you know what actually helped me… “GYM”. Yes, along with my husband we started gyming and I found myself with a positive energy, I was elated and terrified that was one of the best things we did for our baby and all the credit goes to my amazing husband who keep me boosted throughout my second trimester.

On the other hand, I also want to stress how hard it is to find the time to work out during pregnancy so even more reason to try to keep fit and healthy during pregnancy. I just want women to know “You don’t need to let yourself go.”’  Being healthy and active gives mothers a better chance of having an easier labour and means they will be less likely to need a Caesarean. It can also reduce pain and gives women a stronger chance of re-gaining their post-baby body once they give birth, boosting their confidence, this is what I have been learning from other moms.

My Third Trimester

Now I am 30 weeks pregnant with a very active little baby. I have continued to exercise, and moderate my moves as some moves are not safe or possible with a bump, but I still train several times a week and have loved to keep myself fit whilst pregnant.

Remember, it’s nice to have an excuse to rest and watch TV all the time and eat junk food and a bucket of chocolate but it’s not good for you and it’s not good for your baby.

‘I’ve seen women who have put on 4st, they don’t think it was a big deal but post-pregnancy the weight does not fall off.

You lose the baby bump but you don’t lose the body fat that stays with you as per my trainer and your body changes after pregnancy.

For your own wellbeing and sanity, as a pregnant woman you shouldn’t let yourself go.


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